The Right Use of The Great Invocation

(from the writings of the Master Djwhal Khul)



Words of Power, ancient mantrams (such as the Lord's Prayer) and the Great Invocation, are only effective if used on the mental plane and with the power of a controlled mind focused on their intent and meaning-behind the spoken effort.  They then become potent.  When said with the power of the soul as well as with the directed attention of the mind, they automatically become dynamically effective.


Words of Power (and this is also true of the O.M.) are all of second ray origin.  This is the ray of the manifestation of consciousness.  They are, therefore, intended for soul use because the soul is the expression of the second ray aspect of divinity, and only the soul can really employ these Words and sounds and thus produce the desired results which are always in line with the Divine Plan.  It is frequently forgotten that they must be used by the soul in a dynamic manner, involving the serious recognition of the will aspect.  The Great Invocation, the O.M., and all such Words of Power, must go forth from the soul (whose nature is love and whose purpose is solely group good), backed by or "occultly propelled forth" (to use a translation of an almost untranslatable occult idea) by the dynamic will aspect, and carried outwards as an integrated thoughtform upon a stream of living, illumined, mental substance.  This process, therefore, brings into activity the will, the love, and the intelligence of the person who is using these words and formulas. 


Frequently, however, an hiatus occurs even when a person has integrated these three controlling factors within themselves as far as they are able to do so at their particular point in evolution.  All that they have succeeded in doing is the retaining of the created thoughtform upon the mental plane; they fail to make its presence felt upon the physical plane and to achieve the desired results because their brain (the lower receiving and distributing centre within the head) is incapable of the needed dual activity  i.e. retaining awareness of the intent, meaning and purpose of the formula being used and, at the same time, carrying on the task of sending forth the potency, hidden yet conveyed by the Words or sounds.  These two activities must be carried on simultaneously by the soul on its own plane through the medium of the mind and the brain.


The Great Invocation, rightly used by the many hundred thousand people who have already attempted to use it, could reorient the consciousness of humanity, stabilise men in spiritual being, disrupt and rebuild the planetary thoughtform which men have created in the past ...and open the door into the New Age, thus ushering in the new and better civilisation....