Meditation Keynotes

At the time of each full moon festival, energy qualified by the constellation influencing the period flows into the range of human awareness, establishing the divine attributes in the consciousness of humanity.  This spiritual inflow can be channeled in meditation into the mind and hearts of all people.


There is a natural sequence of growth in consciousness in the human kingdom – dependence, independence, interdependence. These festivals help us manifest this progressive evolution in

Festival of Capricorn:
Lost Am I in Light Supernal, Yet on that Light I turn my back."
Capricorn guards the secret of the soul  revealed to the disciple at the climax of the third initiation, the transfiguration on the mountain top of the personality by the soul. But this revelation can occur only as a result of effort, of the ability to rise above the limitations of the personality, to persist on the upward way in spite of hindrances and difficulties. It is a long and painful process in which we eventually learn by experience that self-discipline, self-control and self sacrifice form the foundation stones of discipleship. The result is a way of life reflecting the values of the soul. This growth in consciousness becomes the way of initiation, the way to the mountain top towards the supernal light which reveals the soul as the real Self, the Plan as the responsibility of discipleship, and the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet as the center of love into which initiation admits the accepted disciple. Capricorn is, therefore, the outstanding sign of initiation.

Festival of Aquarius:
"Water of Life Am I, Poured Forth for Thirsty Men."
The dominant influence of the Festival of Aquarius stimulates the spiritual capacity of man to love and to serve his fellowmen, to become inclusive and compassionate and to share his own resources freely and fully in seeking to meet the needs he recognizes. Nothing can withstand the potent energies pouring through the constellation Aquarius. These energies are dominated by the 2nd ray of love and wisdom, the 4th ray of harmony through conflict, and the 7th ray of order and organization with its power to establish relationships and anchor spiritual energy in material form. Central to all experience in the life of a disciple influenced by Aquarius is the beauty of group life, group good and group service. To the extent that the world servers with the human kingdom can maintain their poise within the stream of Aquarian energy, receiving, giving and living the power and love available to them, so will they serve to irradiate and transform the whole human environment.


 Festival of Pisces:  "I Leave The Father's Home and Turning Back, I Save." The keynote for the disciple in Pisces is a particularly useful seed thought for meditation. It carries within it the whole process of involution and evolution; the going forth of the unit of life into a material state of consciousness so dense that for long ages the innate divinity of the soul in incarnation is lost to sight. Gradually, through the process of experience in matter, the life aspect begins to re-assert its presence, and so begins the "path of return" towards the source and origin of Being. The keynote also carries the note of redemption. The act of conscious return serves to refine and redeem material substance from the involutionary process by the return of soul control in the evolutionary process, bringing back the spiritual light and energy of consciousness into the material form. The influence of Pisces can, therefore, have a compelling effect within the planetary theme of Redemption, the purpose of manifestation.


Aries Easter Festival:
"I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule."
This is the Festival of the Risen Living Christ, teacher of all men. He is the expression of the Love of God; and the nature of God's love is emphasized in this great Western and Christian festival. The Forces of Restorationare particularly active at the time of the Easter Festival. These forces, which are impersonal energies, emanate from the Mind of God and are connected  with the intelligence  principle in divine nature, stimulating human intellect.  This type of energy is peculiarly creative in nature and carries the "life" which produces the birth of forms." It is a mass energy, related to the stimulation of the mass intelligence, qualified by the point of evolution of those who respond to it. It makes men think, plan and take action.


Taurus Wesak Festival:
"I see and when the eye is opened, all is light."
This is the Festival of the Buddha, who is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose. It is the great Eastern Festival. The Forces of Enlightenment are active at the time of the Wesak Festival. These forces emanate from the Heart of God; they are related to divine understanding and can reach and strengthen those who love and serve their fellowmen. This energy transmits the second principle of divinity, love-wisdom, of which the Buddha and the Christ are the two outstanding expressions.


Gemini Goodwill Festival - World Invocation Day:

"I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow." This is the festival of the spirit of humanity aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the Will of God and dedicated to the expression of right human relations. It is a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind is recognized. This is, therefore, a festival of deep invocation and appeal of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, of human and spiritual unity. The Forces of Reconstruction are active at this festival, the newest to stream into humanity - again seeking conformity with the Will of God- and are mainly effective in relation to nations. The use of this force depends upon the quality and the nature of the recipient nation and
it's point of evolution.



 Festival of Cancer:

I build a lighted house and therein dwell.”  Flowing from the
constellation of Cancer into our solar system, into our planet, and into human consciousness, the energy of Cancer stimulates group consciousness and awareness of humanity as a kingdom. This influence tends to arouse the individual self-consciousness as a necessary first step towards group consciousness. The task in Cancer is to use the available energy flow to release the soul principle imprisoned in all material form. Energy in this sign can be directed in meditation towards building the “new materialism,” defined as the right use and development of all the material resources of the planet for the welfare and progress of the whole human race. The light and energy of the soul must be released and turned towards this goal.
Festival of Leo:

“I am That and That I am I.” Leo stands in a unique relationship to the sun at the heart of our solar system. The planetary and systemic alignment established at this.  Festival is a heart/soul alignment - the heart of humanity, the heart of the planet and the heart of the sun – which extends to Sirius, the great “star of initiation” within the universe. This alignment is evocative of the cosmic principle of Love and Freedom, both of which flow through Sirius and Leo into our range of awareness. These two principles are making an increasing impact on human consciousness, affecting all areas of life. As we seek to work with these energies in cooperation with our planetary spiritual Hierarchy, the result be the increasing manifestation in humanity of the principle of Love and the freeing of human life from the bondage of materialism and all that tends to imprison the human spirit.


Festival of Virgo:

”I am the Mother and the Child: I God, I matter am.” Throughout the whole process of growth and evolution, and potent in Virgo, runs the theme of service.” Service is not a matter of planned and contrived activity; not necessarily participation in worthwhile actions, although these, too, are needed; but service that is reflecting soul energy into every aspect of daily life. This not only transforms the environment, but acts as a transmutative agent within the heart of humanity. Thus, service in its true sense is a spontaneous effect of soul control based on love for humanity. Love and service are inseparable qualities in the life of the soul and its endeavor to express itself more perfectly through the personality form. In Virgo, we can develop this demonstration of love as right relationship and service as an attribute of love.


Festival of Libra:

“I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force.” Libra is a sign of balancing, of careful weighing of values, and of achieving the right equilibrium between the pairs of opposites  through the right utilization of the balancing, analytical faculty of mind. Libra has been the “sponsor of the law,” and holds the balances between so-called right and wrong, between negative and positive. As the dawn of new thinking in public consciousness swings from systems of justice through penalty to the inculcation of right relations and the spread of self-control and growth of unselfishness, the cultivation of harmlessness will prevail. Harmlessness is not negativity or inaction; it is a condition of “perfect poise, a completed
point of view and divine understanding.”


Festival of Scorpio:

“Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant.” Scorpio is the great constellation that influences the turning point both in the life of humanity as a whole and the life of the individual human being. Every stage and every aspect of growth is subject to testing. The unique quality of Scorpio energy helps each individual and humanity as a whole to test itself and through trial and error, to mature into planetary understanding and spiritual unfoldment. We stand today at a decisive moment of history when the race of man can move forward together to become humanity, the world disciple. Humanity will need to call upon all the spiritual resources available to us at crisis point to emerge triumphant from tests of physical, emotional, and mental conditions of human beings playing out in world affairs, And we can emerge triumphant, purified and strengthened in character, in the quality of our desire life, and in the values we chose to accept as a standard of the good life for all people.


Festival of Sagittarius:

“I reach that goal and then I see another.” The characteristic human qualities of idealism and intuition are stimulated by the energy flowing through Sagittarius into our solar system, into our planet and into the center of consciousness we call humanity. This energy concerns the subjective nature of a state of consciousness in which head and heart, light and love, are fusing to release the potent energy of wisdom. Sagittarius provides a point of balance in which the vision is consciously deepened and meaningful activity expanded. In meditation, the steady eye is developed which perceives clearly the higher spiritual values prior to losing the arrow of mental power. This quality as it develops will carry humanity through the portal of initiation. As we meditate in Sagittarius, let us focus with a clear, will-inspired energy, on a beam of directed, focused light, a light so compelling and one-pointed, that the next immediate goal to be achieved by the human family stands fully revealed. That goal is a world condition of right relationships between men and between nations, of cooperation and sharing between all peoples.


*Keynote Information taken from Lucis Trust materials –