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Since the time of Isaac Newton, conventional science has been doggedly pursuing a ‘gravity only’ model of the universe, currently regarding it as a tomb of lifeless matter that exploded into being out of nothing and which is expanding at an accelerating rate in all directions without aim or purpose. These suppositions have been supported with increasingly exotic theories such as the Big Bang, General Relativity, Black Holes, Dark Matter/Energy and the like. Meanwhile, evidence to the contrary is steadily accumulating which supports instead the esotericist’s view of the universe as a living, stable organism, electrical in nature and function.  The electrical nature of universal processes runs as a theme throughout the Tibetan Master’s work via the writings of HP Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey which are intended to be bridging treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of the initiates. This is likely to continue in the next phase of the Ageless Wisdom teachings too, preparing humanity for the energy of Love in its dynamic, electrical form which the Christ will employ when He reappears.  This electric aspect of Love will help lay the foundations for that "synthesis of all the single men" of which Browning spoke, and which is hinted at in the following passage from Esoteric Psychology vol I: 


"The seventh ray works in connection with the phenomena of electricity, through which all life in the solar system is coordinated and vitalised. There is an aspect of electrical phenomena which produces cohesion, just as there is an aspect which produces
light…this will be released in fuller measure during the Aquarian age…One of  its earliest effects will be the increased understanding of brotherhood and its really scientific basis." (
Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I,  pp 373-374)




It is with the increased understanding of the science of brotherhood and the relationship between consciousness and electric phenomena that The Electric Bridge is concerned. It is dedicated to linking esoteric and exoteric science and to highlighting scientific discoveries that further reveal the electrical nature of reality and their relation to the Ageless Wisdom perspective. Understanding electricity is the key to integrating science into a unified whole and providing a magnetic foundation in which the Divine Plan can deepen its roots and future esoteric teaching can safely flourish.

The  Cosmic Bloodstream:  Electricity, Plasma and

The Divine Circulatory Flow: 


Giant Cells of Energy Emanating from
Centre of Galaxy

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Artist’s  impression. Original data can be found on the NASA site.


Instruments such as the gamma-ray telescope that see into more energetic parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are opening up new vistas of the universe that are very difficult to explain with standard gravitational theories. Most puzzling to scientists in this latest discovery are the sharp boundaries that define two gigantic bubbles of energy erupting from the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. From an electrical point of view, sharp boundaries known as double layers naturally form between regions of different densities, temperatures or magnetic field strengths in space. A double layer consists of two layers of opposite charge and tends to form cellular structures with the double layer as the "cell wall."