Esoteric Study

The Master Djwhal Khul, who collaborated with Alice Bailey to write their famous “blue books,” stated that it will be science that will discover the existence of the soul.  Some probably found this surprising because of the prevailing (now exiting) mechanical view of the universe that existed at the time when these books were written. Yet in the last two centuries, science also took a turn towards spiritual expression through movements which continue into the 21st Century –  Christian Science, Divine Science, Religious Science. When science proves the existence of the soul, perhaps it will be along the lines of Esoteric Science.  It could be a blend of our growing knowledge and understanding in basic and applied physical sciences together with a conceptual science influenced by spiritual principles and laws. We know that astronomy and astrology were historically one applied science. Have we gone full circle? Not really. As our world emerges towards unity, the study of esoteric principles and laws seems to increase in value because we know much more about our physical (quantum) universe, making the two world views unquestionably complementary.


This page has been developed to present esoteric and spiritual concepts that may be relevant in our evolutionary life journey.  The page is currently under construction.  Articles will be posted here for our readers' own esoteric study. 


Study Articles:


The Electric Bridge

Electric Masonry



In addition, the members Denver Goodwill Service Group meet monthly to discuss the works of Alice A. Bailey and related material.   All full moon meditators are welcome to join.  We are currently reading "Esoteric Healing" via Zoom videoconferencing in 2021


Group study on "The Reappearance of the Christ."