About Us



The Denver Goodwill Service Group dates back to the 1970s, when Marie Mason gathered together a small group of esoteric philosophy readers to participate in meditations at the full moon to channel and anchor the energy to goodwill to our world.    Some early members, in addition to Marie, were Elsie Brown, Paul Batiste, Gladys Peters, and Alice Jordan.  Meetings were held at the First Unitarian Church of Denver to begin with, chosen for its central location in the Capital Hill area of Denver.  After a period of a few years, we then began meeting at The First Church of Divine Science at 14th and Williams and met there for over 20 years.  We are currently holding full moon meditations on line via video conferencing.



Meditations at the Full Moon


The Denver Goodwill Service Group holds meditations at the full moon, which are rituals that follow the format practiced by Lucis Trust, headquartered in New York, Geneva, and London. Their purpose is to provide group reception of those high solar spiritual energies available to us at the time of each full moon and to facilitate their distribution. Ritual moves the group out of daily busy-ness onto the higher mental plane through a talk or reading and then proceeds through creative visualization and group mantras into meditation. It ends quietly with shared flowers and peace. This ritual has taken place monthly for over 35 years now and continues to be available for all who would like to participate in this world service work.


Other Activities


In addition to our monthly meditation service work, the group has held classes on esoteric astrology and the Seven Rays, and has formed various study groups on subjects pertaining to the coming New Age and esoteric spirituality. Our current study group has been active since 2007 and we have studied various "blue books" written by Alice Bailey to include Externalization of the Hierarchy, Glamour, Treatise on White Magic and The Rays and Initiations.  We are currently reading sections of Treatise on Cosmic Fire. We are lively and enthusiastic and welcome new readers into our group!



Bailey Study Group

The Denver Goodwill Service Group plans to hold educational talks and classes in the future.


We Invite You to Attend Any of Our Events! 

For further information, e-mail lrinelli@juno.com